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Woodruff Catering

Our exceptional catering is provided by Woodruff Catering-Powered by Sterling Spoon.

At Woodruff Catering, our approach to cuisine draws inspiration from the company we keep – the Maestros and musicians, master painters and sculptors, actors, artists and luminaries who gather at The Woodruff Arts Center.

Our culinary philosophy reflects fresh, local and seasonal perspectives, carefully considered and expertly finished to compliment any occasion.

The farm to fork menu is constantly changing to match the season.
Lively cocktails, relaxed dinners, gala special events or children’s gatherings— headline your next memorable visit with the alchemy of style, good taste, and attentive and efficient service that is the hallmark of Woodruff Catering’s guest experience.

In addition to our in-house caterer we offer the option to work with a select number of outside caterers. Please ask your event sales manager for more information.

Please contact our Special Events department at 404-733-5249 or at