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Your Visit

We want your visit with us to be a memorable and enjoyable one. We kindly ask you that you observe the following while you’re here:

  • Both the Sifly Piazza and Woodruff Arts Center indoor facilities are a nicotine-free environment. There are designated smoking areas around the outside of the Arts Center and we ask that you limit your smoking to these areas. 
  • The entire Woodruff Arts Center is a drug-free environment.
  • Guests are welcome to take photos for personal use in The Woodruff Arts Center Galleria (lobby area) or of the building, but please see our photography policy for all areas. 
  • Children should be supervised at all times. One adult should accompany every five children.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Memorial Arts Building and the High Museum of Art. Service animals are permitted with proper I.D.
  • Keep your personal items with you at all times. The Arts Center cannot be held responsible for missing, lost or stolen- items. 
  • If you recover an item that does not belong to you, please turn it in to the Concierge, a Security Officer, or a staff member. 
  • If you see something unusual…please say something to a Security Officer, Usher or Concierge.
  • For the safety of our guests and employees, The Woodruff Arts Center prohibits the possession of weapons of any kind on the Woodruff Art Center’s property, including the Sifly and Callaway Plazas, or at The Woodruff Arts Center sponsored events, unless such possession or use is a requirement of the job (e.g., law enforcement). Weapons include firearms, explosives, knives and other weapons that might be considered dangerous or that could cause harm. 

Guests who choose not to comply with these guidelines may be asked to leave the Arts Center.